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by Kenneth F. Dodson



Third Edition, 1989
170 pgs.

$8.95 USD (softcover only)

Kenneth F. Dodson was born of school-teacher parents, whose three sons are all Baptist ministers. During the Great Depression, all three boys graduated from Walbash College, while conducting evangelistic services each evening, when possible. Kenneth was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Kappa Alpha (as a Public Speaking major) in spite of differences with some professors' liberal views.

Kenneth married a Baptist minister's daughter and was ordained to the Baptist ministry on the same day. God gave them four children: one daughter, a church organist and pianist; the second the wife of a Baptist pastor; one son, a high-school teacher; a daughter who graduated from both H.S. and college with highest honors, and helped her mother who has been a painfully crippled arthritic for many years.

Mr. Dodson saw God use the very areas expounded in this book in four difficult pastorates. In the last two, the First Baptist Church of Mishawaka and the Glen Park Baptist Church of Gary, Indiana, he saw God bring dissident groups of Christians back together in such a way that there was an average of one soul saved for every Sunday service for fourteen years. Now, he has been a full-time evangelist for many years, sharing with churches from New England to California the truth of "The Prize of the Up-Calling."

God graciously used the study and exposition of the "neglected areas" of the New Testament expounded in this book to transform the life of the author. In the process, hundreds of other lives were transformed and more than twenty-five splits within churches were healed. As a result, thousands of souls have been saved. This little book contains the scriptural key to real revival, but it will not work unless, through patient study and prayer, it becomes the key to an EXCHANGED LIFE, so that God's dear Son may have all the glory.


  1. The Need for Paul's Secrets of Spiritual Victory : The Secret of Paul's Salvation--A Miracle of God from Start to Finish
  2. The Secret of Paul's Travail for Lost Souls
  3. The Secret of a Loving God Chastening His Children All the Way Home to Heaven
  4. The Secret of "The Sin unto Physical Death" In the Life of a Christian
  5. The Secret of The Judgment of Christians'
  6. Sins at the Judgment Seat of Christ
  7. The Secret of Paul's Motives--Can it be a Sin to Wash Dishes or to Preach a Sermon?
  8. Paul's Secrets of "The Out-Resurrection from Among the Dead" and "The Prize of the Up-Calling"
  9. The Secret of "Entering" or "Inheriting" the Kingdom of God
  10. Paul's Answer to Life's Greatest Question--"Why Does a Just God Allow Civilization to Continue?"



The Judgment of Christians' Sins (Chapter 6) [PDF]
Entering or Inheriting the Kingdom of God (Chapter 9) [PDF]

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