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Including An Answer To Robert Shank

by C. Norman Sellers



1987 Edition
214 pgs.
$17.00 USD  (hardcover only)

Is God sovereign or is man responsible?  The answer is "yes, God is sovereign and man is responsible".  In this latest offering of the College Studies Series, the author shows that the Bible student cannot choose between the two; he must choose them both--because the Bible teaches both.  While this book gives an answer to Robert Shank's book Election in the Son, it does much more.  It treats all pertinent passages by careful exegesis and puts together a doctrine of election not before available in this form.  Both the Calvinist and the Armenian will profit from this unique approach.

The section which treats the doctrine of perseverance (security of the believer), is also a valuable contribution to a very controversial area of theology.  Again the author begins with the arguments of Robert Shank, Life in the Son and in the process presents an exegesis of all pertinent New Testament passages.  Arguments, both pro and con are handled in this manner.

Though this volume is not intended as a "popular study", it will prove to be of value to all who will spend the time and expend effort to study along with Dr. Sellers.

C. Norman Sellers is a graduate of the Philadelphia College of Bible, B.S.; Dallas Theological Seminary, Th.M.; and Grace Theological Seminary, Th.D.  He has pastored churches in Indiana and Florida.  Since 1965 he has taught Greek, Bible and theology at Miami Christian College.


  1. History of the Controversy
  2. Shank's Doctrine of Election
  3. Shank's Doctrine of Conditional Security
  4. Shank's Answer to the Arguments for Unconditional Security
  5. Summary and Conclusion

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