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Arlen L. Chitwood, editor

Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson



Third Printing, 1996
408 pgs.
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A. Edwin Wilson, having reached his eightieth year and still very active in the ministry of the Word, is one of the great Bible teachers of our times. He is a man who, for the past fifty years, day after day could be found in his study long before sunrise, delving into the Word of God in anticipation of a hungry, waiting people to whom he ministered.

A native Texan, Rev. Wilson received his formal education at Howard Payne University and Southern Baptist Seminary. While in seminary during the years 1928 - 1930 he studied under such giants of that day as John R. Sampey, A. T. Robertson, and William Hersey Davis, men whose impact upon his life can still be seen in his ministry today.

Returning to the West following seminary, Rev. Wilson taught school for a short time in New Mexico. He then pastored churches during the 1930's and 1940's in the Texas towns and cities of Lometa, Whon, Comanche, Robstown, and Amarillo. During his ministry in Amarillo, and for many years thereafter, he also held an annual series of Bible classes in Clovis, New Mexico.

In 1950 Rev. and Mrs. Wilson were led of the Lord to leave their native state of Texas and move to Chattanooga, Tennessee. In Chattanooga, Rev. Wilson assumed the directorship of the Southern Hebrew Mission - a position which he held until January, 1980. In 1951, in addition to his work with the mission, Rev. Wilson became pastor of the Daytona Heights Baptist Church in Red Bank, Tennessee - a position he also held until January, 1980. At that time he resigned his position with both the mission and the church in view of other areas of ministry as the Lord should lead.

In past years Rev. Wilson was a regular speaker at such popular and well known Bible conferences as those held at Winona Lake (1949) and Moody Bible Institute (Torrey Chapel -- 1947 - 1949). While in Chicago he presented "Jonah, a Type of Israel" at the church pastored by A. W. Tozer. He also was a speaker at more than ten Mt. Hermon Bible Conferences in the West. During the decades of the '60's and '70's, Rev. Wilson was the speaker on the "Hear, O Israel" broadcast -- a radio ministry of the Southern Hebrew Mission directed to the "lost sheep of the House of Israel," which went out over stations in Miami, New York, Chicago, Phoenix, and San Diego.

Rev. Wilson's ministry was centered around proclaiming "What the Bible says," and that "the Bible means what it says." His study of the Scripture revolved around "words, and their meaning."

Sitting under the ministry of a pastor with such a background, who realized his responsibility, and placed the emphasis in the correct place -- teaching the Word of God to Christians whom the Lord placed under his care -- was one of the great experiences of life. Happy are the enviable one who were privileged to enter into this experience. Their lives have never been the same . . .


Part One

I. Prophecy . . . Signs

Why Study Prophecy?
What Time is It?
Signs of the Times
When is the Gospel to be Preached in All the World?
Then Shall the End Come
The Sign of His Coming
Signs of His Coming
Things to Come

II. Israel and the Gospel

Who is Israel?
Spiritual Israel
Israel Stumbles
The Budding of the Fig Tree
Israel -- The Grapevine
Israel -- The Olive Tree
A Live Jew
Why I Love the Jew
To the Jew First
Why is the Gospel to the Jew First?
Why We Must Give the Gospel to the Jew
The Necessity of Witnessing to the Jew First
First Things First
Home or Foreign Missions?
Failure of Missions
Man's Part in Israel's Restoration

III. Distinctions and Dispensations

When the Lamb of God Becomes the Lion
Jews -- Gentiles -- Church
God's Present and Future Program

IV. Types and AntiTypes

The Study of Types
Joseph -- A Type of Christ
A Prophet Like unto Moses
Jonah -- A Type of Israel
Cain -- A Type of Israel
Paul's Conversion
Is God Displeased with You
Bound for the Promised Land
A Brand from the Burning
As It Was in the Days of Lot
Remember Lot's Wife
A Pillar of Salt
The Church -- Body or Bride
Christ and His Bride

V. The Mysteries of the Kingdom

Parable of the Sower
Parable of the Tares
Parable of the Mustard Seed
Parable of the Leaven
Parable of the Hid Treasure
Parable of the Pearl of Great Price
Parable of the Dragnet

VI. The Overcomers

The Church in Ephesus
The Church in Smyrna
The Church in Pergamos
The Church in Thyatira
The Church in Sardis
The Church in Philadelphia
The Church in Laodicea

VII. Milk and Meat

A Key to the Study of Scripture
Gnosis and Epignosis
Meat in Due Season
Milk for Babes . . . Meat for Men

VIII. Salvation of the Soul

The Whole Armour of God
Holiness -- God's Way
Christians for the Last Days
There is a Difference
Doers of the Word
Spirit, Soul, and Body
The Salvation of the Soul
I Saw the Souls

IX. Kings of the Kingdom

David -- King of Israel
Twelve Apostles -- Twelve Kings
Municipal Kings
You Can Rule and Reign

X. Ruling and Reigning in the Kingdom

The Unfaithful Christian
He Began to Smite His Fellow Servants
The Ten Virgins
No Wedding Garment
Saved but Disinherited
The Terror of the Lord
By the Skin of My Teeth
Missing the Kingdom
A Castaway -- or Missing the Kingdom
The Doctrine of Balaam

XI. Resurrection

The Resurrections
Three Resurrections
Importance of the Resurrection
Word Became Flesh
From the Cross to the Tomb
Appearance unto Mary Magdalene
Appearance unto the Women
Appearance unto Peter
The Ascension
Appearance to Stephen
Appearance to Paul
Appearance to John on the Isle of Patmos
Israel's Resurrection

XII. Go Ye Out to Meet Him

Two Bears and Forty-Two Children
Go Up, Bald Head
A Second Chance
No Split Rapture
The Church and the Tribulation
Preparation of the Bride

Part Two

XIII. The Word Became Flesh

Yet Unrecognized
The Names of Jesus
Could Our Lord Have Sinned?
The Impeccable Jesus
Does Jesus Know?
He is White

XIV. Prophet -- Priest -- King

Christmas and Prophecy
The King of the Jews
A Child is Born
The First Christmas Gifts
Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

XV. The Sons of Noah

Did God Speak Through Noah?
Canaan, the Son of Ham
Cursed be Canaan
Cursed be Ham
Neither Black nor White
Why Different Races?
In Christ
Created Equal?
The Paradox of the Ages

XVI. Signs -- Wonders -- Miracles

These Signs Shall Follow
Unknown Tongues
No Signs, Wonders, or Miracles
Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

XVII. The Christian and Politics

Part I
Part II

XVIII. Tithing

The Tithe is the Lord's
Abraham's and Jacob's Tithe
Israel's Three Tithes
The Tithe from Moses to Christ
Tithing in the New Testament
Paying the Preacher
Proportionate Giving

XIX. The Office and Work of Deacons

Part I
Part II
Part III

Part Three

XX. Questions and Answers

Impeccability of Christ
Holy and Reverend
Ten Virgins
The Rapture
Missions and Christ's Return

XXI. Outlines

God's Plan of the Ages
The Seventy Sevens
Daniel's 70th Week
Some of the Days of Scripture
A Possible Order of Last Things
The Rapture
Some Signs of the Lord's Return

XXII. Miscellaneous Writings

At Thine Hand
The Seeking Jew
The Fruit of the Vine
Are All Men Created Equal?
Signs of the Times
The Two Witnesses
Want a Blessing?
Laws Necessitated by Sin
This Gospel Must be Preached
Wanted: A Martin Luther
Looking for Him
Three Baptisms
The Sermon on the Mount
Acquiring and Using Knowledge
King of the Jews
The Anti-Christ
Call Upon Me
The World and its God
Revelation Ignored
Noble Bereans
Friends of Mammon
Another Gospel
Disquieting and Disturbing
No Room
The Books of Heaven
Philosophy and Science
The Kingdom Taken from Israel
Is God Real?
Capital Punishment
The Bride of Christ
Catholic and Protestant Fellowship
The Super State
Annual Time-Periods . . . of Man
The Whole Plan of Salvation


The Outer Darkness

Subject Index
Scripture Index



Chapter 5: Mysteries of the Kingdom [PDF]
Chapter 10: Ruling and Reigning in the Kingdom [PDF]

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