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Ray E. Baughman

The Kingdom of God Visualized
Press, 1972, 288 pgs.
 USD (paperback)

In his opening chapter, the author says, "A new government will be established in the future that will be just as real as any existing now.  Its territory will be definite, with certain people as its citizens, and with selected administrators to help in its rule.  It will be the most important government in the world, the best that has ever existed, and it will last forever.  It will be the kingdom of Jesus Christ.  This book spotlights the kingdom program of God in graphic detail from Genesis to Revelation.  It gives an extensive but simple overview of the coming kingdom of Jesus Christ.  more

Paul. S. Benware

The Believer's Payday
First Edition,
AMG Publishers (August, 2002), 224 pgs.
$12.95 USD (paperback)

According to the Scriptures, how a believer lives right now impacts the results of that "payday"--the appearance before the Judgment Seat of Christ.  Understanding the subject of rewards, which was frequently discussed by Christ and His apostles, is critical for developing a biblical worldview and for producing endurance in the Christian life.  The study examines many scriptures that promise significant rewards to the faithful, diligent child of God.  more

Joseph C. Dillow

The Reign of the Servant Kings
Edition, 2002, 672 pgs.
$23.00 USD (paperback)

Joseph C. Dillow graduated in science with a major in Electrical Engineering. He attended Dallas Theological Seminary where he received his Th.D. degree.  Joseph ("Jody") has served on the staff of Campus Crusade for Christ, Christian Family Life, and as a visiting instructor in Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. His other books include Speaking in Tongues, The Waters Above: Earth's Pre-flood Vapor Canopy, and Solomon on Sex.  more

Kenneth F. Dodson


The Prize of the Up-Calling
Third Edition, 1989, 170 pgs.
$8.95 USD (paperback)

Kenneth F. Dodson was born of school-teacher parents, whose three sons are all Baptist ministers. During the Great Depression, all three boys graduated from Walbash College, while conducting evangelistic services each evening, when possible. Kenneth was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and Tau Kappa Alpha (as a Public Speaking major) in spite of differences with some professors' liberal views.  more


J. D. Faust


The Rod: Will God Spare It?
Edition, 2003, 458 pgs.
$20.00 USD (paperback)

Pastor J. D. Faust was born in Columbia, South Carolina.  He is currently the pastor of Kingdom Baptist Church in Venus, Texas.  He is the editor of The Kingdom Alert newsletter.  more

Robert Govett
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Robert Govett was born in England in 1813 and died at Norwich, England, in 1901.  He enrolled at Worcester College at Oxford in 1830, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eaton in 1834, became a Fellow of Worcester in 1836, and received his M.A. in 1837.

During the years of his ministry, he became well known because of his brilliant deductive and analytical capabilitiesHe was of the opinion that the Scriptures should always be open to a fresh scrutiny based upon new light that might have been received and, because of this, as the years passed he became independent of many of the denominational views that he had previously adhered to.

G. H. Lang
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G. H. Lang was born November 20, 1874 in London, England. He died at Wimborne, Dorset, England October 20, 1958. He was saved at a young age when he was seven and a half years old. His writings include fourteen major books and innumerable booklets. He once said, "No man should write a book until he is forty. He needs to prove his theories in practice before publishing."  All but nine of his many books were published after he was fifty years old.

Martha Lever

Run For The Prize
First Edition, 2003, 50 pages
$14.95 USD (hardcover)

This one of a kind illustrated children's book teaches children the scriptural truths about the wonderful prize that God has prepared for us!  This book was especially written for children 6 years and above, but recommended for God's children of ALL ages!

The entire work is read by Cindy Zeigler and set to music composed and recorded by Zach Lever on the accompanying CD packaged with the book.  more

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Philip Mauro
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As far as twentieth century Christian figures are concerned, Philip Mauro stands out as one of the most captivating.  After coming to a saving knowledge of the Lord in 1903, at the age of forty five, Mauro, a member of the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States and one of the foremost patent lawyers of his day, began his "Testimony" of what was to him the most important event in his life.

  Chuck and Nancy Missler
The Kingdom, Power, & Glory: The Overcomer's Handbook
by Chuck and Nancy Missler
King's High Way Ministries, 2009

395 pgs.
$16.00 paperback

R. E. Neighbour
If By Any Means by R. E. Neighbour
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R. E. Neighbour died in 1945.  He is known as a missionary and ministered in Elyria.  His affiliation was Southern Baptist.  Originally, his works were published by Union Gospel Press.


D. M. Panton
The Judgment Seat of Christ by D. M. Panton
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David M. Panton was a very able successor to Robert Govett’s pulpit at Surrey Chapel, Norwich, England.  Panton was the founder and editor of Dawn magazine, a strong voice for deep scriptural and prophetical truth from 1924 until his death in 1955.  Panton was well-known for his speaking and writing abilities concerning scriptural prophetical subjects.  He was known as "The Prince of Prophecy."

G. H. Pember
Animals: Their Past and Future by G. H. Pember

George Hawkins Pember was born in 1837.  He was educated at Cambridge University where he took his M.A. in Classics at age twenty-six.  Upon his conversion to Christ, Pember determined to devote his scholastic talents to a close and comprehensive study of the Scriptures for the benefit of God's people.  His penchant for meticulous scholarship, extensive knowledge of ancient cultures, and keen spiritual insight combined to produce works of a quality and depth with few parallels in Christian expository literature.

George N. H. Peters

The Theocratic Kingdom
Reprint Edition, 3-Volumes, Kregel Publications, 2175 pgs.
$125.00 USD  (hardcover)

One of the most exhaustive pre-millennial works ever written on the Kingdom of God exhibiting profound scholarship and extensive study of literature, history, science, theology, and prophecy. Peters quotes from over 4,000 different authorities from the early church fathers to the end of the 19th century. Peters unfolds the entire scope of prophetic truth related to the Kingdom. The complete work in three volumes!  more

Arthur W. Pink

The Redeemer's Return: A Premillennialist View of Our Lord's Return
Reprint Edition; 2003, Revival Literature, 296 pgs.
$13.00 USD  (paperback)

This book is subtitled: "A Premillennialist View of Our Lord's Return".  This is a reprint of what some consider one of the best books ever written on the return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  more

Earl D. Radmacher
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Dr. Earl Radmacher is President Emeritus of Western Baptist Seminary where he served for thirty-four years as an administrator, professor, and mentor to many students, having seen the enrollment increase tenfold during his presidency.  As an internationally renowned conference speaker, and author of numerous books and articles, he has impacted thousands of lives toward a closer walk with God through a fuller knowledge of Him. 

C. Norman Sellers

Election and Perseverance
1987 Edition, 214 pgs.
$17.00 USD  (hardcover)

Anyone interested in the theological questions earmarked by the title of this book will want to read this fresh new work by Dr. Sellers.  That Dr. Sellers here combines the positions of dispensationalist and Calvinist will enthrall many a reader.  Here at last we have a true thinking scholar; one who is able to think clearly and communicate forcefully, who defends the biblical teachings of God's gracious hand drawing the sinner to Him and then keeping him secure by His grace.  more

Gerald B. Stanton

Kept From The Hour
Fourth Edition, 1991, 434 pgs.
$12.95 USD (hardcover)

A mounting wave of interest has swept across America and the United Kingdom on the subject of the return of Christ.  Near the crest of the wave is the turbulent question, being asked with ever increasing intensity: "Will Christ return before the Tribulation, or must the Church pass through that dread hour?"  more

Gary T. Whipple
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Gary T. Whipple (Th.B., B.D., Th.M., Luther Rice Seminary) is currently the pastor of Lamp and Light Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida.  This church, which was started several years ago, has perhaps the largest active church field in Florida, with several families of it's membership driving as much as two hundred and forty miles round trip each Sunday to attend services.  In the past 30 years Pastor Whipple has pastored seven churches and published three books on the kingdom truths.  In addition, he founded the Lamp and Light Cassette Fellowship in 1975, which produced Bible study tapes of his teaching.

A. Edwin Wilson

Selected Writings of A. Edwin Wilson

Third Printing, 1996, 408 pgs.
$15.95 USD (hardcover)

A. Edwin Wilson, having reached his eightieth year and still very active in the ministry of the Word, is one of the great Bible teachers of our times. He is a man who, for the past fifty years, day after day could be found in his study long before sunrise, delving into the Word of God in anticipation of a hungry, waiting people to whom he ministered.

A native Texan, Rev. Wilson received his formal education at Howard Payne University and Southern Baptist Seminary. While in seminary during the years 1928 - 1930 he studied under such giants of that day as John R. Sampey, A. T. Robertson, and William Hersey Davis, men whose impact upon his life can still be seen in his ministry today.   more

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