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Martha Lever expresses her lifelong passion for art and letter design through her beautiful watercolors and graceful calligraphy.  Her love for the Word of God is evident in her work and Martha is delighted when her work has touched someone and helped bring them closer to God.  The mother of two grown children, Martha lives in Jacksonville, Florida with her husband and their beloved dog, Auggie.


First Edition, 2003
50 pages
$14.95 USD (hardcover only)

This one of a kind illustrated children's book teaches children the scriptural truths about the wonderful prize that God has prepared for us!  This book was especially written for children 6 years and above, but recommended for God's children of ALL ages!

The entire work is read by Cindy Zeigler and set to music composed and recorded by Zach Lever on the accompanying CD packaged with the book.

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