Readers' Comments

For more than twenty-three years, readers have both enjoyed and profited spiritually from authors such as G. H. Lang, Robert Govett, Philip Mauro, R. E. Neighbour, G. H. Pember and A. Edwin Wilson.  Below are just a few of these testimonials.

"I find the writings of Govett to be of tremendous value and aid in the study of rewards according to works.  These writings remain fresh as if written for my benefit today.  They have answered many questions previously hidden from me.  I would recommend them to everyone who is seriously interested in God's offer of rewards for service done through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Brother Wilson's book is a jewel to the Christian layman.  This one book has provided insight and truths previously not revealed in full to me.  I never cease to turn to it for short readings as well as long studies of subjects it contains.  This book is the one I use to give as a gift to those God leads me to fellowship with regarding kingdom truths.  THIS BOOK NEVER GATHERS DUST!"

Harry Jensen
Greenbay, Wisconsin

"I'd like to congratulate you on your publishing company.  I don't know any other company to this day that can match the quality of material which you handle.  Correctly interpreted study material is a rare commodity to appropriate and I'm certain your impressions are the same, as your corporation deals exclusively with this quality of material."

Robert P. Taylor
Marian, Indiana


"How delighted I am to hear . . . that you have undertaken to reprint works of Govett, Lang, Pember, and others.  Writings of the caliber of these authors seem lamentably absent in this century.  Mr. Panton said, 'One of the deplorable facts of today is the disappearance of these giants, and even of their works, with few if any to take their place.'  It is both a noble and courageous venture that you have undertaken."

Richard H. Akeroyd, Author
Raleigh, North Carolina


"What a timely and concise exposition of a doctrine which seems to have been lost by the church.  Here, in an inspiring and enlightening way, Dr. Neighbour presents the gospel of salvation to challenge the church with the gift of grace and the reward of the Kingdom."

Pastor John A. Carter
New Zealand



"Mr. Govett's writings certainly encourages us to go into a deeper life in the Spirit.  I have had many questions answered by studying with Mr. Govett -- I could go on-and on!"

Mrs. Lorraine Boeshore
Macon, Georgia



"Many thanks for your contribution to God's Kingdom by reprinting these valuable works.  I am the pastor of a church in Pennsylvania, and these books are changing my life an my ministry."

Pastor Morris Hull
Cleona, Pennsylvania



"Thank the Lord for the teaching of the Kingdom and for a publishing company that helps in spreading the doctrine of the coming Kingdom of our Lord."

David Bullock
Los Lumas, New Mexico



"I recently read Entrance Into The Kingdom and I want to tell you of the profound effect it has had in my relationship with the Lord.  My only regret is that I didn't know about this 12 years ago."

Ron and Sue Simpson
Kent, Washington

"Govett On Revelation is truly incredible!  I'm amazed at the biblical tapestries of commentary he is able to weave from each verse of text."

Jim Cameron
S. Hamilton, Massachusetts

"The writings you have reprinted have already greatly encouraged both my wife and me.  We pray that the Spirit of truth sent to glorify and reveal the Christ will work through these discovered treasures of truth."

Tim Szazynski
Indianapolis, Indiana


"I enjoy your publications; knowing it is from God's will to serve for the Kingdom's sake"

Bruce Blanc
San Francisco, California



"It was a thrill to get these -- particularly Neighbour's If By Any Means!  Please forward me another six copies of this -- two of them by air, please, as I wish to start circulating amongst ministry friends."

Pastor John A. Carter
New Zealand


"The books are beyond -- beyond!  I am involved in becoming a writer and Govett's books are a real gem of a blessing."

Rita Kelly
Sicklerville, New Jersey



"I cannot express how deeply I've benefited from the works of such great men of God.  I've been specifically overwhelmed at the depth of knowledge, spirituality and true 'revelation' of Mr. Govett.

Dr. Norman G. Young, DDS
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

"I am reading The Great Prophecies for the fourth time, and I still marvel at how clear Pember was about so many things at the turn of the century."

Robert S. Brown
Boerne, Texas


"I am delighted to see that you are printing works by Govett, Lang, Panton -- they have no equals!"

C. F. Linton
Norwich, England



"I would like to express my appreciation to your company for reprinting the works of the great authors of the past like Lang, Pember, Panton, Govett, and Wilson.  These books have been a great blessing to me in my study of the Word of God."

Derek Williams
Dallas, Texas



"I have really enjoyed these books.  Apart from the Scriptures, I've never read any other books with such depth and spiritual insight."

George Buie
Fayetteville, N. Carolina

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