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Authors having works other than what we have currently in print may be found below.  In most cases, these are short works or essays.  Longer ones may be found on our site at Books On-Line.  The works in this listing are for informational purposes, and may not properly reflect the criteria that Schoettle Publishing Company, Inc. uses to publish a work.

Robert Govett

The Great Multitude
Surrey Chapel [PDF] (Document furnished by Mr. Steve Kudo)
"Surrey Chapel, Norwhich, celebrates its centenary in December 1954, and the suggestion has been made that some little account of its origin, history, and ministry may be of interest not only to its present membership and contemporaries, but to those who have worshipped within its walls in bygone years; and also to that wider audience scattered in various parts of the earth who know of, and revere its Founder Robert Govett, M. A. (Oxon) together with his successor D. M. Panton, B. A."

Philip Mauro

Bringing Back The King
Looking For The Saviour

Never Man Spake Like This Man
Speaking in Tongues

The Christian's Relationship to the Mosaic Law
The Gospel of the Kingdom

The Law of Moses: An Unspeakable Blessing to Israel

The Seventy Weeks

R. E. Neighbour

          Winning Christ: The Out-Resurrection and the Prize of the Up-Calling [PDF]

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